"Simply the best investment you can make for you and your staff!" 

- T. Winston (Senior Vice President, Union Bank)


5-Week Professional Development Plan

Week 1

  • Pre-Assessment/Orientation
  • Leadership Reflection 

Week 2    

  • Goal Mapping
  • Self Esteem          

Week 3  

  • Weight of the World
  • Inspiration + Finding Your Why

Week 4

  • Crucial Moments
  • Program the Mind

Week 5

  • In and Out of Control
  • Motivation + Emotion

Program Cost:

10-40 people $149 per

41 or more     $99 per


Speaking Engagement :
60 Minute

We all face adversity and struggle with motivation, focus, self-esteem and accountability.  This doesn’t mean we are a bad people…it means we are human.  Fear, Anxiety and Ego often derail our best intentions.  We live in a society that believes being “busy” is a badge of honor and that that long to do lists, or multitasking are a status symbols.  Couple this mentality with the effect social media has by constantly allowing people to compare themselves to others (usually making them feel like they don’t measure up) and we have a recipe that makes productivity, self esteem, focus and motivation plummet.  It is impacting work environments and personal growth. 

Boost is here to help.  We are founded by highly trained and capable "adversity overcomers" We are founded by veterans with military special operations backgrounds. We are credentialed and educated in the areas of mental toughness and leadership. We will provide an overview of how mental toughness and leadership is imperative to personal and professional growth in and out of the office. We will break down myths about what it is and isn’t and more importantly how individuals can learn real world ways to improve on theirs.  To be successful in any endeavor we must first be open and honest about how we think, feel and act in situations.  Self-Awareness is key to development.  Boost teaches people how to be confident, present and in control of any situation. 



Dr. Hickerson has been teaching, coaching and training students and athletes of all levels for over 15 years.

Seth has helped individuals, from beginners to professionals, in accomplishing their goals through Sport Specific Training, Mental Toughness Training and Leadership Development. Seth has worked extensively in collegiate and high school athletics and academics, as as well as commercial fitness/wellness facilities and non-profit associations.