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Here we have an ongoing argument regarding the school systems and our children. Now, more than ever, teens are beginning to protest in-class presentations. Silly you may think, but also, if we dig deeper into this disagreement, we ask ourselves, “what is the solution?”

Some of us have either completed the days of class presentations while others of us are still enduring those days. Do you remember or have you experienced moments when teachers call up students, one by one, to present their work in front of the class? We all have different experiences with this type of situation. Though it was often nerve-racking, many people claim it helped turn them into more confident public speakers. What was the result for you, personally? 

After thinking about your own experiences with public speaking/presentations, what if I told you that Boost provides assistance with overcoming all anxiety and stress filled situations?  Our services provide education so that rather than hiding from class presentations, you are aware of where your nervousness and anxiety originates from.

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