The Distraction Epidemic

The War on Health & Well-Being:

We live in a world of chaotic pace, constantly replying to this message, answering this phone call, hurrying from one place to another hectic and in a frenzy. Then you finally get home from work or school and you can finally relax right? Wrong, still you are bombarded with the noise of the television, sound of cars driving by, emails alerting you that they must be replied to at this instant. Even as you read this, you can probably hear social media calling your name. With these constant distractions how can one find peace and find the time to protect your health and well-being? Continue reading to learn five easy steps Ellen Goldman of the Huffington Post believes will help anyone take a personal stand against the distraction epidemic.

Five Steps to get started:

  1. Make sleep a priority in your life rather than an afterthought.
  2. Create boundaries around technology use.
  3. Stop multitasking the things that are important.
  4. Create specific times during the day to work on important tasks.
  5. Prioritize self-care. It is essential, not a luxury.

For more details on how to survive the distraction epidemic, read Ellen Goldman’s and Deborah Monroe’s blog posts.


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