“Going from a small town high school in Indiana to being a starting pitcher at Indiana University was an enormous transition. The demands of the game, coupled with challenging academics was very stressful. Working with Seth on how to manage my stress and expectations really allowed me to perform better on and off the field.”
— Brad Wynn, Pitched for Indiana University
“The mental game is imperative to succeed in golf. You do not have any teammates to blame anything on. It’s you against the course and you have to be confident, relaxed, positive, and focused to execute the shots needed to win. Being honest with myself and completing the inventories allowed me to pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses and then set up a plan to improve all around.”
— Mike Higgins, Professional Golfer
“Playing professional baseball is an awesome experience. It can also be very overwhelming with the demands on and off the field. Working with Dr. Hickerson on understanding the things I can and can’t control really allowed me to free myself up and concentrate more on the baseball specific tasks I needed to focus on to improve my game.”
— Chad Rice, Short Stop, State College Spikes (Pittsburg Pirates Affiliate)
“Dr. Hickerson is someone that has motivated me in numerous ways...his understanding of leadership, sport specific training and the mental aspects of the game are top shelf.”
— Byron Thweatt, Current LB coach for James Madison University, Former LB Tennessee Titans, 2 time National Champion (JMU 2016, University of Richmond 2008)
“The system works. Soccer is a very cerebral game and Dr. Hickerson helped me figure out ways I can ensure I don’t lose focus and always ‘stay in the game’.”
— Dr. Aaron Jones, Stanford Soccer