“Understanding your own weaknesses can eventually bring forth your strengths.”   -John Ryles

Strengths and weaknesses are concepts that are evaluated throughout life, from academics to sports, from zodiac sign to interview questions. At some point someone will ask you about your strengths and weaknesses. Strengths have tied to personal characteristics, a quality or attribute of a person such as ‘that person is very caring.’ We are expanding strengths as skills or talent that you might have that helps you through your sport, your work, your life. Strengths are things that you believe you do well whether it be programming a computer, communicating effectively, playing 2nd base, leading a group, working hard… the list may be endless.

Weaknesses are things you’s rather not consider, things you feel inadequate doing, and they may be things difficult for you to do. Some people regard weaknesses as flaws, flaws in their character or flaws in their skill set.

People have tendency to focus on their strengths, to rely on them, to consistently re-inforce their strengths, to count on them. In doing so, many times their weaknesses get overlooked or put to the side. However, they are still there, They spend time doing what is comfortable and that is working with their strengths and their weaknesses never change.

Can you turn your weaknesses into strengths or learn to manage them? Of course, but you have to be willing to first recognize what they are and then find a path to turn a weakness into a strength or learn to manage them by taking advantage of a strength. Knowing your flaws is not a weakness. Knowing you have them gives you strength.

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