Cognitive Fitness Instructor Course

$3,400.00 $1,999.00

This workshop focuses on a variety of skills to overcome distractions in work, sport and life to help other’s optimize their performance to be the best employee, athlete, and/or person they can be in any situation.  The end result is a greater self- and situational- awareness, which leads to remaining in the present with a better focus at all times.  By understanding how one’s thinking play’s an important aspect in a person’s behavior, enhancing mental skills changes thinking patterns, which changes behavior and leads to a better performance.



The mind is a powerful tool and when used correctly, decreases distractions and optimizes performance in work, sports and life. Helping others to learn to train their brain to be used to benefit their success is what Boost Instructors do!  Boost Instructors teach a variety of mental skills that will help those in training reach a higher level of emotional intelligence and cognitive flexibility.