Cognitive Fitness Bootcamp


This is where the magic happens!  Learn how to make your mind your best weapon by learning secret mindfulness, mental toughness and leadership tactics that you would NEVER learn in school.

The Boost Cognitive Fitness Bootcamp is a training program designed by Military Special Operations, Sport Psychologists and Doctorates of Education, Elite Athletes and Business Leaders.  This course teaches you the “Secret Skill” set that elite performers don’t want you to know.



The Bootcamp consists of 10 lessons (overcoming negative self-talk, managing fear and ego, improving concentration and focus, learning to not fear failure, improving your strengths, goal mapping, handling pressure, programming your mind, controlling emotions, reducing anxiety, improving motivation and confidence

It typically takes 21 days to complete the program (it’s about 10 hours of work)…it’s a boot camp so it isn’t supposed to be easy.  We will also be holding you accountable throughout the Boot Camp.  Our staff will be monitoring your progress and available to help you along the way if you get stuck or have questions.