Complete the program and gain the most competitive edge in sport, life and business.

The 10-Week Boost Program 

The objective of this program is to raise awareness for athletes and coaches as to how they think, feel and respond as a result of competition and particularly in the face of adversity.  The program will teach the individuals and teams how to gain the most competitive edge in sport and life by developing and enhancing their mental skills with regards to motivation, focus, confidence, self-talk, mindfulness and leadership so that they can be confident, present and in control of their thoughts and actions on and off the field.

Knowledge gained through the program will be specific to the following areas of assessment: Leadership, Concentration, Managing Emotions, PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), Goal setting, ASC (Anxiety/Self Control).  Knowledge will be taught via numerous modalities. Examples are in person sessions (Individual and/or group based), Sessions can be facilitated via video calls, phone calls, text messages and emails.  Access to Boost’s instructional content and curriculum, take home assignments/activities, team building activities, video tutorials and workbook activities.

Individuals and teams will receive 3 assessments (Pre-assessment/baseline, Post-Assessment as well as an EOS (End of Season Assessment).  Individuals will also be given the Boost workbook to utilize throughout and after the program.

Program Overview

Week 1:  Pre-Assessment/Orientation

  • Intro and Overview of Boost

Week 2:  Leadership Reflection       

  • Where do you stand?           

Week 3:  Goal Mapping             

Week 4:  Self Esteem     

  • Focus on the positives         

Week 5:   Weight of the World     

  • What are you carrying around?

Week 6:  Inspirational and Finding Your Why?

Week 7:  Crucial Moments  

  • Thriving under pressure

 Week 8:  Program the Mind      

  • Make your mind your best weapon

Week 9:  In and Out of Control   

  • Anxiety/Self Control (Controlling the Controllables)

Week 10:  Motivation + Emotion    

  • Post Assessment

  • Tying it all together and moving forward!