The Boost Mission

At Boost we are tired of the struggling, the despair, the overwhelm, the loneliness, the fear, the reactivity in our modern society that is causing so much pain and suffering.

In our hyper connected and over stimulated world people are losing sight of their most valuable resources. Their time and attention. Technology is rapidly evolving but humans aren’t.

We seem to be devolving at an alarming pace.  Life is about human beings not human doings.

At Boost we are taking a stand. 

We will be relentless in our pursuit to make the world more peaceful, present, happy and healthier. We know we are at the cusp of improving the future and we want to seize that opportunity. We are ready for the task of improving humanity.

Our sights are set on fundamentally changing things for the betterment of society. To provide people the education, access, training and tools to become more self aware, more present, confident and in control.

To be mindful, emotionally intelligent, resilient and cognitively fit.  To possess the skills that will shape the future.

To build a movement of like minded, curious, motivated people that want to break free from the pack and appreciate the beauty in life. People that understand happiness is about experiences and not things. The people that want to be present, confident and in control so they can re-engage in the game of life and make their impact.

The world needs to slow down and catch its collective breath.

And it starts with us being able to slow down, pause, breath, and clear our minds if we want to make an impact.

Our goal is helping you do just that.