So You Want To Learn About Yourself


 Your mind is a powerful tool. Only you can use it to reach your optimal potential. Use it wisely. Combine your physical and mental tools so that you can see higher levels of performance, improve self and team/group concepts, have greater ability to control arousal levels and improve your ability to concentrate.

The starting point for improving your performance in any event in life is to understand the role that your mind plays in your successes and failures.  What are the images that you hold in your mind and believe to be true about you?  How do these images affect your performance? Do they improve your performance, or do some of these beliefs hold you back from achieving what you want to accomplish?

You are what you think you are. You are the sum total of all your thoughts up to this time in your life. You created, and you are the master of what you are today. You are in control of your own thoughts, words, and actions. The circumstances and/or comments made by others have absolutely no effect on you or your behavior until you accept them as true.

You are what you are today because you have accepted certain beliefs about yourself and you believe then to be true. You’ve done it to yourself or allowed others to do it to you through your approval and acceptance of the belief. You must come to the conclusion that YOU are in control of YOURSELF if you want to improve YOUR performance.

In sport and work, as in life, you have placed “mental barriers” that prevent you from performing at your maximum. You need to remove these barriers and paint new “pictures in your mind” about who and what you are, and what you have the ability to accomplish. You must stop arguing for limitations, take responsibility, and see the potential that you have, and then direct your energies toward these new pictures or goals.

You react according to what you believe. You are what you think you are. The mind can be a powerful tool to take advantage of … YOU CAN Do It!




I have a little robot that goes around with me;

I tell it what I’m thinking, I tell it what I see.

I tell my little robot all my hopes and fears.

It listens and remembers everything it hears.

At first my little robot followed my commands,

but after years of training, it has gotten out of hand.

It doesn’t care what’s right or wrong or what is false or true;

no matter what I try now, it tells me what to do.


You are in control of your thoughts and actions. Identify beliefs that you feel affect you in a negative way and what you can do to remove these beliefs or turn them into positive ones. Once you realize that YOU are in control of YOUR  thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, and life, YOU have to identify what YOU want to accomplish.

Your images lead your reality.