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Low self-esteem can mean that we don’t reach our full potential. It stems from a series of thoughts which depreciates our confidence and makes us believe that we are not capable or ready to achieve our goals and dreams. It can mean staying in job or relationship longer than we want to because it is comfortable. Or it could be putting our ideas on hold because we can’t find the motivation to make them a reality. This can make us feel like we don’t have a meaning, purpose and drive in life. Ultimately, this feeling can create longer term mental health problems.

The underlying patterns which cause a lack of initiative and motivation often stem from a place of fearing the outcomes of our actions. What if we fail? What if we are not good enough? These thoughts repeat over and over and become our behavior. It is this behaviorthat then becomes our normality. It is often difficult to understand that we can be own worst enemy when it comes to achieving our aims and recognizing that positive self-esteem is a key component to our success. It is not something we are born with, or are stuck with, it is skill we are capable of developing with the right techniques.

Not being able to take initiative or be motivated can come from the way we have been raised and educated, as well as from other relationships in our lives, the places we have worked and the society we live in. The way that others have responded to us in the past as well as the way we have responded to our own thoughts throughout life creates our self-esteem and sense of belief or worth. This becomes the narrative of our life. If we have never believed in ourselves or had anyone who does, it is likely that this pattern will reoccur until we develop the tools to help us break the cycle.

The ideal scenario

When we develop the skills to take initiative, we become confident and believe in our abilities. We act from this place rather than the fear of failure which can paralyze us from taking any action at all . We create a sense confidence in ourselves, we value our skills and when we are able to take steps towards our achieving our dreams, we live with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in life.

We are able to effectively calculate risk according to the situation and see the opportunity in situations which we might otherwise feel threatened by. This allows us to focus on solutions and manage our aims without becoming overwhelmed. When a situation does not feel right to us, we are also able to act on our needs because we take the initiative to make changes which align with our goals. This means we can constantly tailor and respond to our situation rather than feeling stuck in them.

With motivation we are able to take our initiative a step further and make sure that our goals become a reality. We develop techniques which act as a fuel to ensure that we are accountable to our ideas and able to transform them into action. We possess an ability to effectively manage our time so that it is being used productively. Motivated people are destined for success because they have worked to develop a drive which sends them towards achieving theirs aim and purpose in life. This creates an overarching sense of positive psychological wellbeing which is not only good for us but can also can inspire others around us!


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