How Many Are You Guilty Of?

We often realize that our brain is at work every second of every day. How many of these are you guilty of?

19 Psychological Facts We Didn’t Know About Ourselves:

  1. We are constantly altering our memories.
  2. We can only have a limited number of friends.
  3. We feel happier when we are busy.
  4. We can memorize only 3-4 things at a time.
  5. Our visual perception of things differs from their actual appearance.
  6. We spend 30% of our time daydreaming.
  7. We can’t ignore 3 things in life: food, sex, and danger.
  8. We need as much choice as possible.
  9. Most of our decisions are unconscious.
  10. There’s no such thing as multitasking.
  11. We turn the volume down or off when we are driving in unfamiliar locations.
  12. We gesticulate while talking.
  13. We prefer to park our car near another car in an almost empty parking area.
  14. Men don’t use 2 neighboring urinals.
  15.  We don’t take the last piece of pizza or the last doughnut.
  16. Men prefer not to ask for directions.
  17. We hold doors open for other people.
  18. We neither buy the most expensive nor the cheapest things.
  19. We place our feet toward a person we are interested in.

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