The trick is learning how to TRAIN your brain like you do your bicep. Boost is like a "gym" for your brain. We teach you how to do this...and provide all the content, techniques, tips and resources you need! Our goal is helping you reach yours!

We teach people to be confident, present and in control. The program will teach individuals and groups how to gain the most competitive edge in sport, life and business by developing and enhancing their mental skills with regards to motivation, focus, confidence, self-talk, mindfulness and leadership. The program is built to be fast, remote and effective.


Boost Educational System & Training

Step 1

Take the FREE Boost Assessment

1st Create your Free Boost Profile to access the Free Assessment
  • Get your own personalized Boost profile
  • Find out what your strengths and areas of opportunity are
  • Establish your baseline for your own Personal Growth and Development
  • You can't grow if you don't know!

Step 2

Enroll in 1 of our Highly Effective Courses

Learn the foundations for real Mental Skills Training
  • In the Boost camp you will Complete 10 lessons in 21 days (approximately 10 hours worth of work)
  • Each Lesson has a Task, Virtual Coaching, Techniques and a Meditation
  • Tips, tasks & techniques guaranteed to improve Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Fitness
  • Complete the Boost Camp and receive your Certification of Completion
  • After completing the Boot Camp you will have access to our Course Library for more courses to continue your own personalized training!
  • Learn about the BIG 3 (Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Fitness and Mental Skills Training)

Step 3

Become a Member Club Boost

Pick and chose individual courses specific to your own goals!
  • Get monthly Tips, Tactics and Techniques to continue your training!
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  • Receive updates on newly developed courses and contents
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Frequently Asked Questions

Boost is an educational training system that was developed by academics and military special operations, that teaches people how to improve their emotional intelligence and mental toughness through cognitive fitness training.

Boost teaches people this most important skill set by  using tasks and techniques.  Training you how to become more present, confident and in control of yourself and situations.  Cognitive Fitness techniques improve the health of your brain!

Our clients include athletes, parents, teachers, coaches, school systems from sixth grade through college, clubs, organizations and business leaders seeking personal growth. If you’ve read about our program and it’s of interest to you, you’re welcome to join us!

The 1st step is taking the Assessment so you can establish your baseline with this skill set.

Then enroll in the Cognitive Fitness Bootcamp and start your training. You have to learn the foundations of real mental skills training first and foremost.

Each of the 10 lessons in the boot camp includes a task, a talk, a technique and a meditation.

The goal is for you to take these new skills you are learning and make them part of your daily routine (that's mental toughness!)

We are much more affordable and accessible first and foremost. We focus on educating, teaching and coaching people for lifelong change through a system. We’re not telling you want to do—we’re teaching you how to do it day in and day out. Boost is about changing a culture and a mindset. It’s a way of life. We teach people to persevere and overcome no matter how good or bad things get.

Boost is founded and run by former athletes and educators, and each of our leadership team has overcome adversity in their lives. We’re also a veteran-owned business with a strong veteran presence on our leadership team, including multiple members who served in special operations capacities.

We know what it takes to succeed in difficult circumstances, and we draw from our education and military backgrounds to teach people the critical life skills of mental toughness and leadership.


Our flexible enrollment options fit any budget

“I see golf courses differently now. After working with Boost it almost feels like I am cheating out's a whole new game!”

Sam Humphreys UMKC Golfer

"As a CEO and a business owner you want top performers, and this is one of the best tools you can provide them!"


"Boost has been a game changer for our programs. Our athletes are learning how to be more present and confident in stressful situations."


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