Health Benefits of Cognitive Fitness


Dr. Seth Hickerson states that, “Cognitive Fitness is essentially cardio for your brain. Doing things like meditation or breathing exercises help develop neural pathways and cellular generation that allow your brain to be more efficient and effective. It’s just like physical fitness, something you have to make a habit and remember to do daily.”

Many studies show that Cognitive Fitness can lead to allowing individuals to de-stress, attain intelligence emotionally, and even live a healthier lifestyle due to their cognition levels allowing mental strictness and toughness when pressing on towards goals. Here at Boost, we believe that Cognitive Fitness is the base of a rewarding and self-sufficient life.

In order to achieve a healthier life, we must train our brains.

Watch this video and try 4×4 Focused Breathing on your own.


Cognitive Fitness exercises train your brain similar to the how you might train your biceps. The difference is, your brain does not grow bigger like your bicep simply because your brain is incased in a skull. The growth of your brain happens by developing new neural pathways to make the brain perform more efficiently and better utilize mental energy as you would physical energy or strength.


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