We would love to have you be a part of the Boost team!

The Boost program is developed to be accommodating to you and your schedule—our instructors can work with you anywhere, anytime. Sessions can be conducted in person, online and/or by using phone, video call, text and social media messaging.


Cognitive Fitness Bootcamp

Immersive learning program

Cognitive Fitness Bootcamp

Pre-Assessment analysis
Learning Activities specific to EQ and Mental Toughness
Self-Awareness and Meta-Analysis of Thoughts
Self Esteem and Goals
Time Management
Focus and Concentration
Motivation and Inspiration
Virtual Coaching for each module
Learn 10 techniques to improve Cognitive Fitness
Post Assessment
10% discount of additional Boost programming and subscription
3 months of Boost Standard Subscription included

Boost Workshops

Ideal for working with groups

What is included?

Pick the price and time commitment that works for you!
Individual Mental Toughness Assessments and Boost profile
Group Assessment and summary of EQ findings
Interactive learning specific to needs assessment (summary)
EQ tasks (learning modules)
Learn Cognitive Fitness Techniques
Training to improve Self Awareness
Training to improve Situational Awareness
10% Discount on additional Boost programming

3 hour workshop

$3000 + expenses

5 hour workshop

$5000 + expenses

Boost Immersion

The most effective way to implement Boost Programming into an organization

The Immersion program is ideal for Companies/Schools/Teams that are interested in making Emotional Intelligence/Cognitive Fitness/Mental Toughness Training a part of their organization and culture.

This is the most effective and strategic plan for obtaining and sustaining optimum performance among your staff, athletes and students.

    • 10 hours of training on site (over 2 days)
    • Deep dive into company culture with a full needs assessment
    • Assessment and summary of Staff
    • Assessment and summary of Leadership
    • Identify leadership staff to become Certified Mental Toughness Instructors (Optional)
      • This allows the organization to implement the training in house (Boost will provide the content/curriculum)
    • Review specific company metrics for change
    • Develop specific action items for addressing/improving identified goals
    • Upon completion of the immersion and through the continued coaching, we will map out a plan of implementation for the company staff and teams.

Cost: $10,000 $8,000 through August 1st, 2018


Group pricing available!

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