Teens Are Protesting In-Class Presentations


We wonder why kids can’t handle any stress. And why the slightest fears can crush them. How about we teach them where that nervousness and anxiety comes from and then teach them some skills to overcome it… like breathing activities and exercises before they get up and do the presentation. That would be a novel […]

New York, Virginia become first to require mental health education in schools


On Sunday, New York and Virginia became the first two states to enact laws requiring mental health education in schools. New York’s law updates the health curriculum in elementary, middle and high schools to include material on mental health. Virginia’s law mandates that mental health education be incorporated into physical education and health curricula for […]

U.S. Drops To 27th In The World For Education And Health Care


In 1990, the U.S. was ranked sixth in “human capital,” based on a person’s expected productive years of work. Now it’s 27th. Perhaps now that we are starting to welcome mindfulness training and integrating it into our schools and businesses we can start to move back up this ranking. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/whelp-the-us-now-ranks-27th-in-the-world-on-education-and-healthcare_us_5bae5d02e4b0425e3c23508f  

The Distraction Epidemic


The War on Health & Well-Being: We live in a world of chaotic pace, constantly replying to this message, answering this phone call, hurrying from one place to another hectic and in a frenzy. Then you finally get home from work or school and you can finally relax right? Wrong, still you are bombarded with […]

How Many Are You Guilty Of?


We often realize that our brain is at work every second of every day. How many of these are you guilty of? 19 Psychological Facts We Didn’t Know About Ourselves: We are constantly altering our memories. We can only have a limited number of friends. We feel happier when we are busy. We can memorize […]

Mind Control


As you go on to read this article, take note that nothing is mentioned about what Carson Wentz and his mental coach do to achieve the mindset and control that Wentz has on and off the field. Mental training and skills is the game within the game, the hidden secret! This article perfectly explains what […]

What is your opinion?


Here we have an ongoing argument regarding the school systems and our children. Now, more than ever, teens are beginning to protest in-class presentations. Silly you may think, but also, if we dig deeper into this disagreement, we ask ourselves, “what is the solution?” Some of us have either completed the days of class presentations […]



“Understanding your own weaknesses can eventually bring forth your strengths.”   -John Ryles Strengths and weaknesses are concepts that are evaluated throughout life, from academics to sports, from zodiac sign to interview questions. At some point someone will ask you about your strengths and weaknesses. Strengths have tied to personal characteristics, a quality or attribute of […]