“Understanding your own weaknesses can eventually bring forth your strengths.”   -John Ryles Strengths and weaknesses are concepts that are evaluated throughout life, from academics to sports, from zodiac sign to interview questions. At some point someone will ask you about your strengths and weaknesses. Strengths have tied to personal characteristics, a quality or attribute of […]

Want to know a secret?


Your mind is a powerful tool. Only you can use it to reach your optimal potential. Use it wisely. Combine your physical and mental tools so that you can see higher levels of performance, improve self and team concept, have greater ability to control arousal levels and improve your ability to concentrate. The starting point […]

Ask Yourself…


More often than not, life gets the best of us, we fall into a routine and then never reach our full potential because we are comfortable. Despite our level of comfortability, it is important to remind ourselves where we stand physically, mentally, emotional, intuitionally and spiritually. The questions listed below for each category will allow […]

Time to rethink our thinking in school systems!!

yale ruler

The good folks at Yale are trying to make this happen too! Time for school systems to “rethink” their education model…honestly straight A’s don’t mean anything in the grand scheme of a person’s life (and if you are older than 18…YES you all know that). But being able to control your emotions (EQ) certainly does. […]

Do you have a daily routine?


“If you win the morning, you win the day!” Many of you have heard of Tim Ferriss or the #1 podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show. He just recently released his secret to “win the day.” Ferriss believes that starting each day with these five rituals, will lead you to a more efficient day because “the […]

Challenge Yourself


“Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought”  -John F. Kennedy CHALLENGE: The best thing a person can do, first thing in the morning, is wake up and kick fear in the butt. Boost encourages you to “embrace the suck” challenge for one week every morning by take a 30-second […]

Meditation Becoming Medication


Have you ever heard of Headspace? It may sound familiar or even be apart of your daily routine. For those of you who don’t know, it is a meditation app (you can download this on your smartphone or tablet) and on its way to become prescription medication. Moving forward, this company has set goals to […]

Navy SEAL Mental Resilience


There are often times when someone else puts truth into words better than you could of ever even imagined, and this is exactly that! Worth the read. http://www.sanitydose.com/4-mental-toughness-secrets-of-the-navy-seals-that-you-can-adopt-right-now-2/ Your Missions Moving Forward: “Map out a clear goal for yourself, and slice it into several short-term objectives that you can work on- a bit at a […]

Relaxation 101


How do you activate the parasympathetic nervous system?  You may not even know how to pronounce these words much less understand your nervous system. When you understand the science of your nervous system, you will notice growth in your ability to relax. Increasing your ability to calm yourself will also benefit in other areas of […]

Health Benefits of Cognitive Fitness


Dr. Seth Hickerson states that, “Cognitive Fitness is essentially cardio for your brain. Doing things like meditation or breathing exercises help develop neural pathways and cellular generation that allow your brain to be more efficient and effective. It’s just like physical fitness, something you have to make a habit and remember to do daily.” Many […]