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Current State of Affairs

Motivations come in as many varieties as the people that embody them. Some are more intrinsically motivated, with an inner drive that pushes them, while others are extrinsically motivated, choosing to fight for something outside of their self. Neither is better than the other, and none of us are solely intrinsically or extrinsically motivated, however it is important that our motivations stay in healthy boundaries and do not become toxic.

Social media abounds with subliminal motivations, whether we are aware of that fact or not. What does everyone like to post on their wall, blog, or profile? Their good side, right? No one has any problems and life is without blemish for all that we scroll passed. We know that isn’t the reality of things, but have you ever got caught up in asking your self “why isn’t my life that great?” It’s easy to do, but we must keep in mind we are looking at partial advertisements. Social media is a choice selection of what others choose to reveal about themselves, and who likes to reveal the rough times or aspects of one’s life that are under construction? Not many. It’s so easy to be extrinsically motivated by the way others portray themselves in today’s society. We will inevitably fall short because we know our lives aren’t perfect, and the secret is neither is there’s. But we don’t see that, and it can get us down. We’re motivated by the wrong things, our perspective is all wrong.

We love to compare in today’s society, who has more, whose scholarship is bigger, who can lift more weight, who has a faster dash time, etc. and here’s another secret: you can’t be the best in all the subjects! There’s a saying that goes along the lines of “every man I have met has been my superior in one way or another, and therefore, I can learn from him.” We are all different, and we have to get away from the comparisons when it comes to motivation. Worrying about someone else takes your focus off of you, and you are what needs the attention in order to get better!


The ideal scenario

So where should our motivation and initiative come from? That is up to the individual. They could work toward general fitness, to be a part of a social group, losing weight, a varsity spot, a team captain position, a State championship, or a national qualifying honor. The motivation could be anything they like, the catch it is has to be their own. Not mom’s, not dad’s, not coach’s, not their opponent’s, not their teammate’s, it has to be their motivation and drive.

We cannot be spurred on by the desires of others, we have to have a drive that burns inside of us for the sake of bettering ourselves, team, family, school, community, or whatever the cause. We even have to be careful about solely wanting to be better than our opponents. To be beaten by an opponent but still give a valiant effort in the process is nothing to be ashamed of, however if beating our opponent is all that drives us, then we will fail to see the potential good in what could have been a phenomenal effort on our part in a momentary loss. A healthier outlook would to be to set one’s self up for the best possible outcome each and every time they take the practice or competitive arena. Their driving force is to be as prepared mentally and physically as possible when the time comes, ensuring they’re able to give, and be satisfied, with their best efforts. This mindset leads to longevity, and a desire to continue pushing even after momentary defeat. Beating one’s opponent and doing one’s best to win are the same concept with a different outlook. One will allow long lasting growth and provide an ever fulfilling journey to improvement, the other will leave one disappointed and unsatisfied.

Therefore, it is the duty of an athlete to find their individual motivation, and apply it in the proper manner by using the correct outlook on individual preparation, progression, and fulfillment. Typically it comes in the form of something they are passionate about, and gives a special meaning to their life that they enjoy coming back to again and again.

Focus on what drives YOU, and therein lies the key to achieving your dreams and goals.


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