Boost provides a system that focuses on building INTELLIGENT ATHLETICS by evaluating, assessing and enhancing the overall mental and social attributes necessary for performance enhancement and character development.


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Our Process


The process starts when you take our free assessment.

 The assessment is relatively short and should take no longer than 10 minutes. It can be taken on any phone, tablet, laptop, or computer that has internet access. It is important to answer each question honestly. We recommend going with the first answer that comes to mind and not going back to change it. Your honesty will help us understand the best way to assist you in becoming a better athlete, so please do not be embarrassed or feel the need to exaggerate your answers.


After the assessment is complete, a copy of the results will be sent to us and emailed to you, or whomever you designate at the beginning of the assessment.

 You will receive an email from your potential Boost coach regarding arrangements for a follow-up meeting, which is also free. During this meeting, your coach will review the assessment with you. This is a perfect time for you to ask questions or address any possible issues you may have. One of the great benefits of Boost is that this follow-up meeting does not have to be in person! Our coaches are available to meet via phone-call, Facetime, or Skype! We want to cater to you and your schedule. There is absolutely no obligation associated with this meeting.


At the conclusion of this meeting, you can choose which membership plan is right for you.

During your membership, your coach will work directly with you to address your specific needs and help you become a better athlete! Whether it’s through a phone call, Skype, face time, or a in person, our coaches use a variety of exercises and techniques to help improve focus, motivation, leadership qualities, and more.

Our clients love their coaches! All of our Boost coaches have experience playing sports and have a passion for competition! Our coaches understand your mindset and strive to help you become the best athlete possible.