Ask Yourself…

More often than not, life gets the best of us, we fall into a routine and then never reach our full potential because we are comfortable. Despite our level of comfortability, it is important to remind ourselves where we stand physically, mentally, emotional, intuitionally and spiritually. The questions listed below for each category will allow you assess yourself if answered truthfully.

CHALLENGE: Take some time to sit and answer each question honestly in as much detail as possible. Write it down. Go back and read over them. Answer the same questions a week later. Is there any changes in your answers? 


  1. Do I follow a thorough functional regimen at the gym, rather than just usig the elliptical and a few weight machines or running a few miles in my neighborhood?
  2. Am I comfortable and stable in my body throughout the day and during physical activity?
  3. Am I able to sit still for long periods withoout physical discomfort?
  4. Do I meet my doctor’s criteria for good health at my age?
  5. Am I conscious of what I eat and drink throughout the day, rather than grabbing whatever is immediately handy or what satisfies my craving?
  6. Am I generally free of injury, illness, and general malaise, able to meet my commitments and attend work and social activities without problem?


  1. Do I regularly train to cultivate my mental strengths as if it were the same as conditioning my body?
  2. Do I respond to stressful situation like an airplane pilot calmly following an emergency procedure checklist, exercising control over my response?
  3. Am I ale to bypass “analysis paralysis” by swiftly making decisions in which I feel confident and then taking action?
  4. Can I easily distinguish between facts and interpretation in any given situation?
  5. Do I habitually persevere when faced with a challenge, rarely giving up?


  1. Am I able to keep my negative emotional reactions form resulting in decisions, actions, or statements that I later regret?
  2. Do I allow myself to feel and then express my emotions in a healthy, productive manner?
  3. In a moment of strong emotions, am i able to reflect on negative feelings to see what’s triggering me? Do I know what trigger emotional responses in myself most frequently?
  4. When faced with a stressful situation, such as road rage encounter or an issue at the airlines counter, am I able to modify my emotional state at will?
  5. Con I think of a time when i felt anger but decided to just let go, thus creating peace for everyone involved (and not out of fear or confrontation)?
  6. Is it easy for me to intimate and open in relationships?


  1. In my last few conversations, did I listen more than speak?
  2. Can I describe the clothing and appearance of three strangers I saw this morning?
  3. Do I find myself slow to pass judgment, thereby avoiding sticky situations or jumping to conclusions?
  4. Do I generally feel at peace with myself, regularly experiencing moments of high self-esteem and satisfaction?
  5. Can I think of three times in the past week that I actively and authentically listened to someone else?
  6. Do I acknowledge and reinforce intuitive flashes or insights or do I brush them off as random and unimportant?


  1. In a moment of crisis or indecision, do I have a clear stand with articulated values to keep my feet in the sand?
  2. Do I know my purpose, and am I directing most of my time and energy toward fulfilling it?
  3. Am I able to see the “big-picture” and suffer challenges or setbacks with a smile and a positive attitude?
  4. Am I willing and able to make sacrifices in order to achieve my goals and dreams?
  5. Do I feel that my life is filled with value?
  6. Do I generally feel present and peaceful?

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