Current State of Affairs (why is this happening and what problems is it causing)

Adversity refers to difficult or unpleasant situations. It speaks to the bigger picture of problems which may occur through life, things such as financial stress, relationship issues and grief to name just a few. Adversity also relates to the fluctuating nature of events which can happen throughout the day. Having too many things to do with too little time, worrying about adversity in the past or the adversity of the future.Rates of anxiety, panic and burnout are correlating to this as the modern society demands so much of us throughout the day.

We are reachable by multiple forms of communication and technology meaning we have more opportunities to react to situations as they happen through the day rather than respond having given the situation some space and thought. In this way, we also face adversity with many social network connections online but not as many people we can depend on when times get hard. When it comes to coping with such situations, time and time again, we need to have the tools and network to become resilient and bounce back before the adversity tires us out.

Each morning we get an opportunity to decide whether we own the day or the day owns us. Coping with adversity and unpleasant situations requires the same attitude. It is totally trainable with the right techniques and allows us to grow through situations of adversity and become better able to cope with difficult times which have already happened as well as mentally prepared for the situations which are to come.

Without this training and understanding of adversity, we get knocked down, time and time again whilst wondering, why does it always happen to me? We don’t see the opportunity in obstacles and are unable to process them to benefit us. Challenges are difficult to rise up to face and the finish line can feel out of sight. A series of events faced in adversity can have severe effects on emotional, mental and physical health.

The ideal scenario (if this weren’t and issue what would the person or situation look like)

When we are able to cope with adverse situations, we are able to rise through them and grow stronger. We don’t always get to choose what hand we are given in life but we can choose how we react to them. This means looking at life as a consequence of your making rather than your breaking, whatever the situation. Dealing with adversity takes training, it is a mindset which is referred to throughout the day, it allows us to see things from a fresh perspective without feeling overwhelmed. We know how to handle our emotions and that we can turn the adversity into advantage.

We are able to understand our resources and build our network so that we are confident that we are able to count on them when problems and difficult situations arise, even before they happen. In hand, we are also able to help others overcome their own adversities by sharing and learning from these experiences. We see opportunity in obstacles and are able to maintain an equanimous approach to the adversities of life, seeing them objectively so that we can take appropriate action, rather than reaction to the situation without thought.

We don’t have to wait until the adversity arises, we can prepare for it long before. We are able to learn from past adversities and prepare ourselves better for future adversities. We can learn from our strengths and weaknesses. We can set ourselves up for success by understanding that adversities are not there to make us fall but give us the opportunity and allow us to rise. Adversity turned to advantage is the key to achieving success in both personal and professional life.

Boost solves this by (don’t give away the secret sauce…just talk about benefits of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, communication, time management, cognitive fitness)

  1. Cognitive skills and training
  2. Helping you understand your mindset
  3. Resilience techniques to cope in the midst of adversity
  4. Understanding your strengths