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Janelle Talimdjioski

Janelle Talimdjioski, a Boost Mental Skills Instructor, began practicing meditation over 7 years ago to relieve stress and combat negative health issues. Her journey led her on a path of self-discovery, as well as personal and professional growth. Being passionate about health, fitness, sports, and business, she quickly realized studying meditation, breathing techniques and mindfulness helped her retain more information, train harder, and keep a sharper focus when she needed it the most. Janelle quickly became an avid practitioner of meditation as she was enjoying and acknowledging the benefits following attendance of dedicated seminars, workshops, and meditation retreats. She read subject-matter books, met with others who practiced meditation and was fortunate enough to train under masters from around the world who taught it.

Janelle draws her expertise from a variety of professional and personal experiences to bring a broad set of perspectives and skills. From her experiences developed her passion for teaching meditation, self and situational awareness, and mental focus for athletes and business people of all levels and backgrounds. Janelle has been a meditation and mindfulness instructor in various capacities for more than 5 years to date.