Max headshot

Max Tuttle

Max’s main drive in life is to help other’s identify and progress toward their full potential.
He started his own journey of maximizing his individual potential while falling in love with the sport of track and field. Obtaining a Master’s degree in Exercise Science at Indiana State University to help him in his efforts toward national recognition, Max qualified in the 400m hurdles for the USA Track and Field championships in 2014 and 2018. Admittedly, the four year gap between national appearances was due to a consistently worsening mental attitude toward his performance and sport, with no amount of reps
on the track or studying in the classroom seeming to help him right his downward spiral. It was the
healing words of Boost’s very own Kathy Boone Ginter, and the influence of Dr. Seth Hickerson’s
program that allowed him to regain his edge. Max is a living testament to the good the Boost curriculum
can provide.
He recently transferred his passion of competitive running toward coaching others, specializing in sprint
and hurdles. Max has coached athletes to the national stage at the high school, collegiate, and
professional level, and continues to run recreationally in his spare time.