Gabriella Urbano

Online social media influencer and athlete.

Our internal world is a reflexion of our external and our bodies are only capable of going where the mind will take it. As an athlete in particular I was fascinated by this concept and began training my mind just like I would any other muscle.

By implementing simple mindfulness practices into my daily routine I started to create new neural pathways in my thought process. I became more and more aware and in control of my emotions and the ability to respond instead of react in any given situation. When we are in tune with our bodies and able to create that connection between mind, body + spirit / soul it allows us to tap into our full potential as human beings.


Mental toughness is so simple yet it has fast become my most powerful tool to levelling up in life.

Life likes to throws us curve balls that can either knock you down and take you off course OR create a space that enables you to pick yourself up, dust off and allow those times to grow and mold you, stretch and strengthen you into seeing the opportunities created as opposed to the cup half full.

Imagine a world where we only strive to bring out the best in ourselves and those around us. A conscious people working together. What a game changer.

Welcome to tapping into your higher self. Dive deep and make take these tactics into your daily routine.. do these things and I guarantee it will change your life.