Ashley Godfrey

I am living my best life and have discovered it to be my life’s purpose to help others do the same. There are too many unhappy people in this world and it doesn’t have to be that way. We have the tools to change. Boost is one of those tools and I am beyond excited with the capabilities of this program. I’ve always wanted to live an unconventional life and I am by all means living it. I graduated college with a computer programming and business degree but never felt like it was my path.

Being contained in a box and in business attire didn’t feel fulfilling to me. I soon found myself in massage school. This was it. Helping people to feel better. Fifteen years later and 1,000s of people later, massage hasn’t been about rubbing muscles, it’s been about connecting with people, talking about life, experiences, inspiring, and supporting. My job as a massage therapist has evolved to more of a facilitator of healing in people to help them to their best life. I’ve walked many paths in life, some tough, but all with the same outcome: GROWTH. I’m constantly striving for knowledge and have had many mentors from all walks of life, enabling and giving me the skills and insight to connect with others. I walk the walk and talk the talk. I shine my light and share my joy. Boost helps me to focus and take my passion for helping people to the next level, and truly live my best life.