“For every 1 point increase in your EQ a person’s annual salary increases by $1,300 on avg.”

— Travis Bradberry - Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Developing mental toughness is the most competitive edge a person can have in sport, business and life.

Boost provides a program that focuses on evaluating, assessing and enhancing the overall mental and social attributes necessary for personal and leadership development.

Boost provides specific assessments and evaluations to establish a complete profile of an individual or group’s mental toughness and leadership capacities and implements training plans using applied methods and leadership training sessions.

Boost is unlike other companies as we strive to develop the entire person and set them on a path of continuous improvement in life.


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Who We Are & What We Do

What is Boost, and what do we do?

We are self awareness and situational awareness experts. Boost is an education technology company.  We provide a service by teaching (not telling) people how to recognize their emotions and adversity and then teach them practical and applied ways to overcome the adversity so that they can be Confident, Present and in Control of their actions.

What are the benefits to our members?

They are becoming a member of Boost, an elite family, and for that they will receive awareness of their mental toughness and leadership skills using quantitative and qualitative data. They will have an individualized profile demonstrating their strengths and areas of opportunity regarding mental toughness and leadership skills. They will have access to our content that will help teach them to manage/control their thoughts and feelings so they can gain the most competitive edge and improve performance.

What do our members consider as value?

Something that can show an improvement in mental toughness and leadership development.  We make it affordable and accessible to all. We also provide value as we pre/post assess to check for learning.  That’s why this isn’t a camp, workshop or clinic.  We are TEACHING them and monitoring their progress.

Who are our members?

Athletes, Parents, Teachers, Coaches, School Systems (6th grade to college), Clubs/Organizations and Businesses men and women and individuals seeking personal growth.

How do we do it?

In our 5 week program most of our content is developed to be shared online with the individuals or groups. We can work on an individual basis and/or team sessions or large group. Our sessions can be done in person (usually at the location of the teams/groups). We have a proprietary app that we created and utilize for assessing and measuring pre/post-test metrics. We can seamlessly intertwine what we do without disrupting normal activities. We are fast, mobile and agile in our delivery. We put the action on the person to facilitate the learning.

How is what we offer superior to our competitors?

We are about educating/teaching/coaching.  Our company is founded by, and run by former athletes and educators.  We are also a Veteran Owned business and most of our leadership staff are veterans (Navy, Air Force and Army), a few of which served in special operation capacities.  Boost is a culture and a mindset…it’s a way of life.  At Boost we teach people to have the belief that no matter how good, or bad things are going they persevere and overcome.  We utilize technology to implement what we do.  We teach and prioritize the learning of these skills.

Areas of Expertise

Mental toughness

Obtain optimal performance through mental toughness assessment program design

-   Build confidence

-   Improve focus

-   Utilize positive Self-Talk

-   Improve self esteem

-   Develop effective Imagery skills

-   Distraction minimization/Routines

-   Learn relaxation techniques


Leadership Development

Develop personal qualities that are necessary for leadership

-    Establish trust

-    Improve communication

-   Thoughtful Decision making

-   Accountability

-   Goal setting

-   Organization Skills

-   Simplify processes


"Dr. Hickerson has motivated me in numerous ways. His understanding of how the mind works and the mental aspects of the game are top shelf."

-  Byron Thweatt, Current LB coach for James Madison University, Former LB Tennessee Titans, 2 time National Champion (JMU 2016, University of Richmond 2008)

"You can control how much pressure you put on yourself. Everything is in your control. You control sports and school. In life everyday you control how much you put on yourself. You can either freak out or make a plan to succeed and Boost is teaching me how to succeed."

-  Evy Aud, high school softball player





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“I see golf courses differently now. After working with Boost it almost feels like I am cheating out there...it's a whole new game!”

— Sam Humphreys | UMKC Golfer

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