Your positive mental health is the most important tool you possess. Any improvement requires training.

To be an optimum performer and effectively manage stress and pressure requires proactive education, self-awareness, and situational awareness training.

Boost provides all the tools you need, at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere you need them.

Take  your life to the next level!


Boost delivers innovative, proactive mental health

for individuals, schools, businesses, athletics and government agencies

The world is changing at an alarming rate and it's difficult for our minds to keep up with it.

We live in a busy and demanding world...and we often struggle with time management, anxiety, burnout, low energy, lack of confidence and self-esteem.  It's difficult for our minds to keep up with all of the distractions, technology, and expectations we put on ourselves.

Who We Are

What is Boost, and what do we do?

Boost provides positive mental health education and training courses. Our courses are highly effective, affordable and fun. Boost trains people how to improve confidence, concentration, leadership, positive mental attitude, manage emotions and accomplish goals. Our courses are specifically designed to train people on how to develop positive mental health routines and habits for optimum performance.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of Boost training are numerous. You will learn how to become more mindful and present in everyday situations. You will learn how to improve your emotional intelligence and become more responsive and less reactive in life. And you will gain techniques, tips, and bio-hacks to improve cognitive fitness, the health of your brain. Think clearer, faster and with less stress and have more energy!

  • Improved confidence by 40%
  • Increased sales by 39%
  • Improved Focus by 30%
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Time management improves of 25% (reduced disengagement)

What do our alumni consider as value?

This type of Elite level mental skills training has never been available and accessible to the masses. Boost makes it affordable and accessible to all. We also make it fun and engaging. No insurance, no appointments and no couches.

The ability to customize and build your own positive mental health training based on your personal assessment is a revolutionary tool. People that train like this and possess these skills will dominate the future in all industries.

Who are our clients?

Boost is for anyone out there that wants to improve, wants to get an edge in life. People that are passionate about their personal development and want to improve their mental health and wellness.

This is the secret skill set that all optimum performers possess

We also work with schools, businesses, and athletics.

How do we do it?

We have a proprietary app that we created and utilize our Boost Mental Toughness & Leadership Assessment (MTLA) for establishing your baseline strengths and weaknesses with regards to (Leadership, Positive Mental Attitude, Anxiety/Self Control, Concentration, Goals and Managing Emotions).

Based on your assessment results and your personal goals you pick and choose which courses you would like to take to improve those areas. Each course can be done fully online and takes about 1 hour to complete. You will learn amazing techniques, bio-hacks, emotional intelligence improvement activities and much more in our courses.

How is what we offer superior to our competitors?

Boost is better, modern, faster and more affordable than anything out there. We are innovative and our leadership team is unmatched. We are PhDs, Military Special Operations, Professional Athletes, Doctorates of Education & Leadership. We know what it takes to be the best and perform at the highest levels. And we want to make our tools and training available to you at a price you can afford.

Boost offers customized solutions to fit your needs and schedule. We make it fun and all about improve your effectiveness!

Become a part of the Boost family and team and join the revolution!

Areas of Expertise

Mental toughness

Obtain optimal performance through mental toughness assessment program design

-   Build confidence

-   Improve focus

-   Utilize positive Self-Talk

-   Improve self esteem

-   Develop effective Imagery skills

-   Distraction minimization/Routines

-   Learn relaxation techniques


Leadership Development

Develop personal qualities that are necessary for leadership

-    Establish trust

-    Improve communication

-   Thoughtful Decision making

-   Accountability

-   Goal setting

-   Organization Skills

-   Simplify processes


"Dr. Hickerson has motivated me in numerous ways. His understanding of how the mind works and the mental aspects of the game are top shelf."

-  Byron Thweatt, Current LB coach for James Madison University, Former LB Tennessee Titans, 2 time National Champion (JMU 2016, University of Richmond 2008)

"You can control how much pressure you put on yourself. Everything is in your control. You control sports and school. In life everyday you control how much you put on yourself. You can either freak out or make a plan to succeed and Boost is teaching me how to succeed."

-  Evy Aud, high school softball player






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“I see golf courses differently now. After working with Boost it almost feels like I am cheating out's a whole new game!”

— Sam Humphreys | UMKC Golfer

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